Fall 2020 - I joined the Carleton Internet Security Lab for a PhD program. I am often asked - Why a PhD in Computer science - I have always wanted an opportunity to study Computer Science. My Engineering background exposed me to different ways of wielding the brush, mixing the paints and applying the paint with precise strokes. To me, Science is more than precise strokes, wielding or paint mixing techniques. It is the Art that yields the techniques. My goal is to learn something new (80%) or old(20%) really good and perhaps do something that matters. wish me luck, This page can be found at https://ccsl.carleton.ca/~jchukwu/ ( email at FirstnameLastname[at]cmail.carleton.ca)

I completed my Master of Applied Science (M.ASc) degree at the University of Ottawa. My research was supervised by Professor Dimitrios Makrakis(University of Ottawa) and Professor Ashraf Matrawy (Carleton University). My research focused on Packet Steering in Multi-Subscriber Software Defined Networking Environments. I was a member of the NGN Research Group at Carleton University and my research interests include Machine learning, Data Structures and Algorithms, Protocols, Software Defined Networking, Building Secure Modular Scalable Applications and Internet Security.

I maintain a small code base on Github and in spare time, I tinker on this part of the web or learn on one of the best MOOC platforms. Programming languages I have worked with include: C, C++, Python, Matlab, Java, Javascript, C#.

Publications (on Google Scholar )

Teaching Assistant(TA) & Corrector(C) Positions (University of Ottawa)

  • CEG 4188A - Higher Layer Networks (Fall 2016) TA
  • ELG 5374 - Computer Communication Networks (Fall 2016)C
  • CEG 4190 -Computer Network Design (Winter 2017)TA
jcchuks [at] gmail [dot] com(preferred) or jchuk071 [at] uottawa [dot] ca
jchuk071 is "jchuk Zero Seven One", dont mind my cryptic email address.

You may find some of my rants here and you can connect with me on LinkedIn.
One of my best quotes
"Science is a refinement of every day thinking" ... Albert Einstein.